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Gabriel Figueroa studied his Bachelor of Visual Arts at the University of Westminster, England graduating in 1977. He took additional courses with Ansel Adams in 1975, Manuel Álvarez Bravo in 1983, Arnold Newman in 1985 and Eikoh Hosoe in 1996.

He is the author of several books, the last one being the Promised Places published by Artes de México 2006 He has contributed to various national and international publications, such as Life Magazine, New West, New York, Landscape Architecture, Artes de México and Los Universitarios. Among his publications are: Ten Landscapes, edited by James Graysson Trulove, (Gloucester Massachusetts, E.U., 2002) and Paraíso Mexicano, Editorial Planeta (Mexico, 2002) and “Arenas Nomadas” artist book 2012.


His artistic work has been exhibited in various Mexican galleries since 1979. Abroad he has exhibited in Switzerland, Belgium, England, France, Italy, Panama, Colombia and Spain.


He is the custodian and restorer of the photographic legacy of his father, the cinematographer Gabriel Figueroa, having produced a body of photographs of his best frames and scenes in various portfolios. He has collaborated with the Cineteca Nacional in the restoration of some of his films.


Has been a member of the National System of Creators three times.


His area of ​​greatest interest is travel and expedition photography, as well as artistic photography, editorial work and digital fine printing, he is the founder and director of the Club de Impresores Digitales in Mexico City.


In 2007 he co-directed and worked on the production of a feature film about Diego Rivera, Gabriel Figueroa and Manuel Álvarez Bravo, based on a material filmed by them in 1949, a documentary called "A portrait of Diego, the Revolution of the Look".


His work is part of the collection of La Casa de Bolsa Mexicana, the Museum of Modern Art in Panama, the Kobe Museum of Photography in Japan, the Guangdong Museum of Art in China and the F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG collection. in Basel, Switzerland.


In 2017 he participated in the prestigious Photo Basel photographic fair with the Monika Wertheimer Gallery Worthy of the 2020 Photographic Merit Medal awarded by the National Institute of Anthropology and History INAH

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